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We make a world class, gourmet, food-coma inducing breakfast every morning and would love to see you at the breakfast table! When you contact us to make your reservation, let us know your essential oil preferences (lavender, sweet orange, etc.,) so that we can handcraft your soaps prior to arrival (all organic ingredients). Looking forward to meeting you!

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Once you have booked your reservation you will receive a confirmation from us.

Cancellation Policy:

Stone Manor accepts cancellations up to 14 days before the reserved date. Any cancellation within 14 days and before 7 days will be subject to a $75 cancellation fee. Any cancellation within 7 days will be billed at the full booked rate. If a reservation is cancelled within 24 hours, a $25 cancellation fee will be charged. After 24 hours of the booking time, the previous policies will apply.

Dog Policy:

Dogs are some of our favorite guests! However, we do have some restrictions that come with hard won experience.

They can not be left alone in the room.
They have to be on a leash outside.
They can not get on furniture (This includes beds).
They need to be in a crate overnight.
They need up-to-date shots info.
They need to poop out in the field rather than in the immediate front/back yard.
If they have a history of biting then they must be muzzled.
There is a per night fee of $25 associated with their visit.
If carpets/furniture are recipients of their body fluids then Mommy & Daddy must pay for cleaning or replacement if the carpet/furniture can not be repaired.

Also, we need to receive prior notice of the dog being included in the party.