Sharing the Joy: Mid August is Peach Season at Stone Manor!

If you remember, last year we experimented with making a peach liquor and then adding it to some yummy cognac a few months later. We also experimented with making peach pies – some creamy with coconut and peaches, and then there was the one with peaches, cream and vanilla, also peaches and dried blueberries. When we get tired of pies, there was a brainstorming session last winter where there was the thought of trying peaches and Cherry Hill’s goat ricotta to make pastries.

We will of course beg Spencer to make peach cobbler (my favorite). This will probably set the stage for a little quid pro quo in making Spencer’s favorites from the peach season which means frozen drinks as well as a peach juice marinade with ginger and dill for salmon… We just need imagination and room in the tummy!

Late August is Pear Season at Stone Manor!

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